Coming Soon, America will Grow Up!

We're working hard to stop the lies, and spread the truth about an amazing little plant called Marijuana. A panacea for so many ailments, and yet our federal government (spurred on by Big Pharma and Big Tobacco), continues to label it as being a dangerous substance, a gateway drug.

Meanwhile, Big Pharma and Big Tobacco are poisoning American's every day; encouraging their addiction to even more harmful and deadly substances. America, it's time to grow the hell up and stop the cannabis shaming! It's time to stop wasting valuable resources fighting a war against Marijuana! It's time to put a stop to the real drug problems in America − opiates, heroine, and tobacco!

Our hope is that President Trump will ultimately see through the thin veil of untruths surrounding this plant; and see the benefits it has, not only to improving the lives of millions of people suffering from chronic ailments, but also to the state and federal governments as a new means of taxing the recreational sales. You want to leave a positive mark on America, sir? Then make it happen by January 2020.

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